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Obstetrical Safety and Risk Management Assessments

Our team of experienced OB-Gyns, OB nurses, risk managers, patient safety experts and health care lawyers have a unique approach to reducing professional liability risk. Through the use of our proven, evidence-based tools and strategies, we are able to provide objective evaluations, reviews and support for any OB department or OB office.

On-site assessment

With the help of Peter Schwartz, M.D., past vice president of ACOG and committed national leader to improving quality and safety in obstetrics, as well as David Acker, M.D., Chief of the OB-Gyn Department at Brigham & Women’s Hospital, we have created an evidence-based OB department and OB office assessment tool for obstetrics and associated OB-specific tools to impact risk.

Our team of professionals will come to your office or department to conduct an on-site assessment, utilizing our data-driven audit tools. We observe your department or practice, tour the area, conduct interviews of key personnel and review and analyze relevant documents, policies and medical records.

The information gathered on-site is evaluated by OB Consult's OB safety and risk team, and the results are documented in a written, confidential report. In the report we identify areas of opportunity to enhance safety and reduce risk. We also provide recommendations for impacting those areas and include actual tools and strategies with the report. The report is protected by attorney-client privilege to the maximum extent permitted by law.

We know that in order to be effective, the recommendations and tools must be practical and value-based. To that end, we have vetted the tools and strategies with hospital risk managers, safety professionals and quality professionals to be mindful of operational issues, providing you with implementation best practices.

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